VMware vSphere Virtual SAN VSAN

Guest Blogpost by Chas Setchell…

One of the exciting announcements at VMworld 2013 was VMware vSphere Virtual SAN VSAN

I am excited about Virtual SAN VSAN  for a few reasons:

1. BYOCI Build your own Converged  Infrastructure with Server vendor of  your choice.

2. The ability to lower the cost of deployments of Virtual Data Centers

3. VDI use case high IO using local storage that is distributed.

4. VSan is built directly into the hypervisor not an additional virtual machine.

5. Distributed Storage without a physical SAN

I look forward to testing VMware vSphere Virtual SAN VSAN soon.

Register for the Virtual San VSan public beta 


Some other blog posts you can look at for more information on VMware vSphere Virtual SAN VSAN

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