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ThinApp Unidesk Launches Promotional Program for VMware View to Help Education Customers Expand Virtual Desktop Deployments

January 26, 2011

Bin echt begeistert von dieser Lösung. Schaut es Euch an und testet es. Einen ausführlichen Testbericht werde ich nächste Woche veröffentlichen.

Unidesk Launches Promotional Program for VMware View to Help Education Customers Expand Virtual Desktop Deployments

Marlborough, Mass., Jan. 26, 2011 – Unidesk today announced a new promotional program that enables education customers to extend virtual desktops to more users, including faculty and staff who are looking for a modern desktop experience that preserves all user customizations. Until June 15, 2011, education customers who have purchased or are purchasing VMware View™ are eligible for discounted licenses of Unidesk® virtual desktop management software. By creating storage-efficient virtual desktops that preserve end-user configurations, including user-installed applications, plug-ins and personalization, Unidesk enables education customers to better serve the needs of their knowledge workers.

“With the combined capabilities of Unidesk and VMware View™, education faculty and staff have a solution that sustains personalized user installed applications along with rapid, flexible and cost-efficient desktop management associated with a virtualized infrastructure,” said Parag Patel, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware. “We are pleased to see Unidesk further extend the cost savings and simplicity of desktop virtualization projects to colleges and universities with its education program for VMware View customers.”

VMware and Unidesk customers Central Michigan University and Menlo College commented positively on the Unidesk promotion.

“The combination of Unidesk and VMware View™ makes perfect sense given every college has non-persistent lab and library desktops that are reset after each use, and highly customized faculty and staff desktops that need to retain all changes,” said Tim Pletcher, Director of IT at The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions at Central Michigan University. “We’ve been using the two solutions together since Unidesk first became available, and are now upgrading to the most recent Unidesk release with VMware View 4.5. This new promotion will make it easier for education customers like us to meet our diverse desktop needs, and benefit from lower storage, administration, and support costs.”

“Given our position as Silicon Valley’s Business School, we’re always on the lookout for new technology and business practices that can give us, and our students, a competitive edge,” said Raechelle Clemmons, Menlo College CIO. “We’ve been researching desktop virtualization for some time, but it wasn’t until we saw Unidesk that we felt the technology had advanced enough to satisfy all of our requirements. It’s rare to find a solution that can reduce carbon footprint, simplify administration, and offer greater service to our students, faculty, and staff, but that’s what we’ve found in Unidesk and VMware View™.”

Promotion Details

The Unidesk Promotional Program for VMware View in Education is currently open to both existing and new education customers worldwide, and features two promotions. Education customers who are purchasing any quantity of VMware View Premier or VMware View Enterprise licenses are eligible for a significant discount on a minimum of 100 Unidesk licenses. Education customers who are purchasing VMware View Premier licenses as part of a VMware View Campus-wide Agreement or Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA), or through an OEM partner are eligible for an even larger discount on a minimum of 250 Unidesk licenses. To take advantage of either promotion, educational institutions should contact a VMware certified solution provider or Unidesk solution partner. For more information and applicable terms and conditions, please visit:

Unidesk and VMware View

Unidesk makes it easy for education customers to provision personalized, storage-efficient desktops directly from VMware View pools. Administrators can create VMware View pools, add desktops to existing pools, and entitle users to pools from within the Unidesk management interface. All configuration changes made in Unidesk are automatically reflected in VMware View Manager. Unidesk’s unique ability to preserve all end-user personalization for persistent desktops, including user-installed applications and plug-ins, across patching and re-composition operations reduces cost, complexity and I/O overhead.

Unidesk also enhances VMware ThinApp™ application virtualization software with comprehensive provisioning and management capabilities. With Unidesk, administrators can centrally:

a) Deploy and update virtualized applications on any number of virtual desktops with true single image management.
b) Deliver virtualized applications based on individual user names, organizational units, security groups, office location, and other directory attributes.
c) Manage multiple versions of virtualized applications, including the ability to rollback a virtualized application to a previous version.
d) Report on virtualized application usage by desktop.
e) Deliver the “last 20%” of applications that traditional application virtualization tools can’t, including applications with system services and boot-time drivers and custom-built applications.

“Unidesk’s ability to offer 100% persistent personalization without sacrificing single image management or increasing virtual desktop storage requirements resonates strongly with colleges and universities, who want to maximize the intellectual potential of their faculty and staff,” said Tom Rose, Unidesk Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re delighted to be teaming with VMware to extend this value proposition to more educational institutions. Our customers and resellers have already learned that Unidesk and VMware View™ are an ideal pairing, and this promotional program will make it easier for them to realize the combined benefits.”

About Unidesk

Unidesk provides the virtual desktop management software platform that organizations of all sizes require to successfully centralize desktops on data center servers. The company’s patent-pending desktop layering technology works with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) access solutions from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and other vendors to sustain personalization for workers who need a customizable user experience, while empowering IT with efficient management of operating system and application updates. Unidesk customers benefit from increased worker productivity and reduced IT operations and data center storage costs. Unidesk is a privately-held company with headquarters in Marlborough, Mass, USA.

Media Contact:
Michael Krueger
International Sales Manager

Unidesk Corporation
T: +49 2366 309145 | C: +49 157 74982258 | Email: mkrueger(at)
Leipziger Str. 1 | 45699 Herten | Germany

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Deploying a ThinApp package in the VMware View 4.5 environment fails with the error: HRESULT hr = 0x80070050. The file exists.

January 12, 2011


* Unable to deploy a ThinApp package in the VMware View 4.5 environment
* Deploying a ThinApp package in the VMware View 4.5 environment fails
* You see the error:

Failed to deliver Application “Name of Thinapp Package” to Desktop “Deployment Desktop”, Error Install Error details. HRESULT hr = 0x80070050. The file exists.

This issue may occur if the ThinApp installation failed to complete properly or if the virtual machine was rebooted during the installation process.

To resolve this issue:

Remove the failed application’s directory.

The location of the directory is:
* 32bit operating system – C:\Program Files\
* 64bit operating system – C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\

3. In the View Connection Broker, click ThinApps under Inventory.
4. Locate the application you want to install in the left hand pane and double-click the application.
5. Click the Desktops tab and select the virtual machine on which you want to deploy the application.
6. Click Retry Install.

Why you have to use fat32 with ThinApp

January 12, 2011

Have you ever wondered why your TinApp packages are so big?
For example:
Capturing Acrobat Reader. After the capture process we are looking for unnecessary files like .cab or .msi but we don´t find anything like this with Windows search, but the file still resist in our project folder and your Acrobat Reader ThinApp Package will be about 140 MB compressed.
Take a look at the folder folder IE/downloads and there you will see the file This file is not visible in an NTFS file system only in Fat32 and it´s about 120 MB and is included in your package.
After i deleted this file my Acrobat Reader package was only about 35 MB.