ThinApp 4.03 veröffentlicht

Gestern wurde die neue Version veröffentlicht. Was mir besonders gefällt ist, das Wert auf Bugfix Bereingung gelegt wurde.

Resolved Issues

ThinApp 4.0.3 addresses issues that affect the following applications:
Adobe Reader 9
Adobe Reader 8 Update component on Windows Vista
Smartplant License Manager
Microsoft Office Groove
Windows Live Messenger
AutoCAD 2000
VMware vSphere Client
Internet Explorer 7
Lotus Notes
SigmaPlot 11.0
QuickTime Control Panel

This release resolves these issues:
COM object creation fails between primary desktop and non-interactive virtual services that affect the Windows Installer service.
The tlink.exe build utility of ThinApp crashes when multiple language icons exist in an executable file.
The %SYSTEMSYTEM%\SPOOL folder causes the capture of printer spool files.

This might cause printing errors in a Microsoft Office package.
Thinapp prevents a captured Lotus Notes package from starting captured Microsoft Office applications to open attachments.
A captured Internet Explorer 7 package cannot detect external Active Directory policies.
Acrobat Reader 9 causes 100 percent utilization.
ThinApp is unable to pass captured batch file shortcut targets that require command-line arguments.
Log Monitor generates errors when a sandbox on the network is locked by another computer.

Download ThinApp 4.03.3313

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