AdminStudio Virtualization Pack Beta 2

Heute hat Acresso Beta 2 des AdminStudio Virtualization Packs herausgegeben. Nachdem die ersten Tests mit der Beta 1 Version noch nicht so ganz befriedigend waren, bin ich gespannt auf die neue Version.

· Added support for creating App-V packages for applications that contain windows services
· Added App-VLauncher.exe stub to simplify testing locally before publishing
· Added MSI Wrapper that can be used to deploy your App-V package via ESD solutions
· Added ‘Package Optimizations’ allowing you to control what files go into Feature Block 1 vs. Feature block 2
· Improved batch conversion so that it now applies transforms files to MSI packages while converting them to App-V packages
· Improved default algorithm for determining what gets placed into virtual Q drive when converting an application into an App-V package
· Changed default root folder name in SFT from GUID to an 8.3 representation of product name and version
· Fixed bugs causing failures publishing to SCCM 2007
· Fixed bugs discovered during beta 1

This beta 2 test includes the new AdminStudio support for App-V, part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, as well as other new functionality in the AdminStudio Virtualization Pack. With this release, AdminStudio will simultaneously support three of the industry’s top application virtualization solutions: Microsoft App-V, VMware® ThinApp™ and Citrix® XenApp™.

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