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VVP – Virtualization VMware Professional Program wird freigegeben

December 14, 2008

In einem VMTN Round-Table-Podcast von John Troyer wurde angekündigt, das innerhalb der nächsten Tage “Virtualisierung VMware Professional Program”  freigegeben wird.

Also eine neue Zertifizierung, ähnlich Microsoft´s MVP.

ThinApp 4.01 veröffentlicht

December 13, 2008

Die neue Version 4.01.2866 wurde offiziell freigegeben.

Dennoch habe ich Bedenken diese Version einzusetzen, es wurden zwar einige Bugs behoben und es sind einige Features hinzu gekommen, doch Fehler wie das setzen des  SandboxPath sind gravierend. Wie man diesen Fehler umgeht, habe ich in einem anderen Artikel beschrieben. Ich jedoch nutze weiterhin die Version 4.01.2200

Was ist neu in version 4.01:

The following features have been added for this release:
The thinreg.exe utility has been enhanced, facilitating file type association. It also includes support for DDE, extra verbs, and MIME type registration.
Enhanced support for double-byte applications and double-byte locales.
Enhanced support for 16-bit MSDOS programs.
Support for control panel extensions. Some applications, such as QuickTime or the mail applet for Microsoft Outlook 2007, have control panel extensions that you can now see in a ThinApp environment.
Ability to register files other than .exe files. For example, if you install an application that installed a README file or has another link to documentation, you can access those files.
Protocol registration. If an application invokes SMTP or HTTP, ThinApp starts any virtual applications that can handle the tasks. If ThinApp cannot locate virtual applications, ThinApp invokes native applications to handle the tasks.
ThinApp includes the RequiredAppLinks parameter in the Package.ini file. Previously, the user had to manually add this parameter.
ThinApp makes the MSI build template accessible to users to customize the MSI database.
User documentation has been restructured to start with basic functionality targeted at the novice user, building towards advanced functionality regarding deployment and customizations.
Log Monitor now supports the ability to pause and resume trace file capture.
Application link now supports multi-level links, such that application A links to application B, which links to application C, and so on.
Special entrypoints cmd, regedit and iexplore are marked with an asterisk (*) to denote these are not virtual applications. Rather, they load respective native EXEs in virtual environment.
Isolation mode can now be specified at the root of registry (for example, for HKCU, HKLM).
Stub executables changed to improve security and interaction with roaming profiles and system-installed applications.
Support for creating MSI distribution larger than 2GB (requires separate CAB file to be distributed).
Support for creation of compressed trace files.
Support for running ThinApp application on GoGlobal platform.
Support packaging application wrapped with the “Shrinker” packer.

ThinApp Paketerstellung mit Acresso Admin Studio

December 13, 2008

Zur Zeit ist Acresso Admin Studio die einzige Packetierungs-Lösung zur Unterstützung mehrerer Virtualisierungs-Formate (VMware ® ThinApp ™ *, Citrix ® XenApp ™ und Microsoft (R) App-V (TM) in Beta).

Erste Tests waren sehr erfolgreich, eine Anpassung der .msi Pakete ist sehr einfach. Auch das seit ThinApp Version 4.01 integrierte .msi Template ist von Nutzen.